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The Best Enameled Cast Iron Cookware For Your Home

Enameled cast iron is no joke! Every cook has an opinion on these wonderful instruments, with strong views on which are best, which last the longest, whose look the best, which they got for their wedding and have been using for 30 years, and so on.

Here are my thoughts on the best enameled cast iron pots, pans, and everything else.

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Best Wire Strippers – Top 3 for March 2020

Wire strippers are an essential part of any electrician’s toolkit, they are also generally handy to have around your home, shop, or garage. Wire strippers are one of those tools where its appearance massively undermines its value – it just sort of looks like a big pair of scissors but its design and precision turns out to be hugely important.

It is easy to forget that you need a wire stripper in your kit, that is, until you face a situation where you need it. And when you need it you better has a good set because saving $5 on you wire strippers can cost you hundreds in lost time and rewiring.

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Verizon FIOS Battery Box Beeping? Here’s The Fix

Do you have Verizon FIOS fiber internet? Have you been hearing a weird, intermittent beeping from your FIOS equipment? And it’s not from the modem or router by your television, but rather that strange box hidden away in a closet by your power box? Then you probably need a new ONT battery. Verizon calls this a Battery Backup Unit (BBU).

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The Best Coffee Grinders of 2020

If you are serious about coffee at home then you are serious about grinders. The single most important component of coffee-making equipment is the grinder, even more so than the coffee machine, espresso machine, boiler, pourover basket, filter, or anything else you can think of. That means any dollar spent on a grinder will be a dollar invested in making great coffee and it will be better spent here than on anything else.

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The Best 49mm Espresso Tamper of 2020

Espresso is all about pressure. The tamper is the human side of the pressure equation.

If you are in the market for a 49mm espresso tamper, you’ve come to the right place. The only goals of this site are to connect you with the right tamper for your espresso machine and to advocate for 49mm portafilters. Sure, the commercial world has settled on the 58mm tamper, and we’re totally fine with that, but 49mm tampers shouldn’t have to be second class citizens! This site will identify and connect coffee lovers with the best 49mm tampers sold today.

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The Best Sleepsacks For Babies and Toddlers

Good sleep is aided by the right conditions. If you are a baby or toddler then there are very few items that can help in creating those conditions as a sleepsack (also known as a wearable blanket).

In this article we’ll run through some of our favorite sleepsacks as well as some of the most recommended ones that we have less experience with.

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