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Coronavirus Quarantine: Where To Buy Flour For Baking

With so many people stuck at home, many basic supplies can be hard to get. While we can be thankful these things aren’t necessities, they are still things that will make our lives a bit more pleasant during our collective coronavirus quarantine.

On of the main things we’ve been hunting for in our household is wheat flour. It’s been sold out in all our local stores since early March, which means getting creative if you want to bake during your extended time at home.

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Coronovirus Quarantine: The Best Flour Substitutes

Among the many challenges of the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic of 2020 has been the challenge households have encountered getting basic supplies. Most of us had to make life changes, like buying flour online, but shortages and shipping delays mean our eating has had to change a well.

If you can’t get your hands on the baking flour you want, there are still ways to make what you’d like. Here are some flour substitutes that might help you out.

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Need a Stainless Steel Baking Sheet? Here’s Our Pick

Need new cookie or baking sheets? That’s easy, there are tons of options! Oh, but you want to avoid aluminum and non-stick… sorry now there are very few options. In fact your local big box retails (Bed Bath and Beyond, etc.) might have nothing for you. Time to find a high quality stainless steel baking sheet.

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