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About is a resource for anyone looking to live in a safe, healthy, efficient living space. We feature news, guides, how-tos, tips, and other information about making your home, apartment, office, or any other space the best that it can possibly be with as little effort as possible.

The site is primarily concerned with the safety of you and your family, efficiency, and design. was initially launched on YouTube and will continue to work in partnership with that channel.

We believe that finding the right products for your home shouldn’t be hard. We want to makes your product choices simple and effective, so you can go ahead and live your life. We’ll also try to provide tips on keeping a cleaner, easier, less stressful home for you and your loved ones.


I’m a father in New York. I have two wonderful kids (one girl, one boy) and I have a job. I have a wife who has a job. We’re trying to figure out how to be successful, happy parents. I think we’re doing an OK job of it. While I’m no expert, I wanted to share some of the knowledge I’ve acquired about products I’ve purchased, my trials and errors, things I’ve figured out, and so on. is where that happens.

Thanks for stopping by. This is a small, independently owned site that buys its own products (they are for my home) and sometimes uses affiliate links to make some money to support itself.


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