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The Best Pruning Shears of 2019

Pruning shears are something that every gardener needs. They help a gardener in many ways and so it makes sense to choose them carefully. There is a major difference between the best pruning shears and the ordinary ones in that the best shears will save time and effort, while the ordinary ones will not get the job done in time. When choosing your pruning shears, you need to make sure they fit your hands well. In addition, they must have sharp blades. Last but not least, make sure they are made from the best quality materials.

Here is a look at some of the best pruning shears on the market today.

Fiskars Professional Pruning Shears

The candidate for title of best pruning shears is from the top name in scissors. The Fiskars Professional Pruning Shears are perfect for cutting stems as well as light branches. With angled cutting heads, this pair reduces wrist tiredness and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

In addition, it has the following features:

  • Perfect for every kind of pruning work
  • Blade tension can be adjusted to obtain greater control over cutting force and accuracy
  • Stainless steel blades can be replaced if necessary
  • Able to cut a branch of up to one-inch thickness
  • Sap groove ensures smoothest cutting action and stick-free operation
  • Perfect for personal use as well as professional cutting work

Gardenite Power Drive Pruning Shears

These pruning shears are designed to help a gardener cut with effortless ease. They also deliver five times the power of ordinary shears and their ergonomic design makes them an ideal option. The best part is they are made from the very best quality hardened steel.

Unfortunately these shears are not as attractive as some of the others on the market, and won’t make for excellent social media photos (always a bonus).

Here is a brief look at some of its other features:

  • Powerful operation ensures effortless pruning
  • Able to cut thicker branches
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for all kinds of heavy tasks
  • Two blades – one that is sharp (on top) and the other is a non-cutter (at the bottom)
  • Special operation in which the sharp blade at the top cuts the branch and the anvil at the bottom ensures the branch remains in place to facilitate easier and more efficient cutting

Doolini Nature Professional Pruning Shears

The Doolini Nature Professional Pruning Shears are a good option for those who are looking for the top pruning shears. They ensure precision cutting and at the same time, they are also very beautiful. An ergonomic grip ensures easier handling and operation while the smart safety lock mechanism makes for safer operation.

Other features include:

  • Eight-inch long
  • Replaceable blade in a universal size
  • Coated with titanium ensures the blades do not corrode
  • Tough and durable blades
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Handle made from light aluminum with safety lock
  • Choice of metallic blue color or rose gold

Fiskars Pruning Shears

These Fiskars pruning shears are a candidate for best pruning shears because they are perfectly suited for cutting shoots and light branches. The blades are fully hardened and the prunes come with a lifetime guarantee.

Some other features that you should look at when choosing your pruning shears include:

  • Blade constructed from high carbon steel
  • Smooth and easy cutting assured
  • Ambidextrous lock
  • Perfect for cutting shoots as well as light branches
  • Blade made from high quality steel remains sharp even when subjected to heavy usage
  • Cuts wood easily while also ensuring blades do not gum up with sap and debris

Truly Garden Pruning Shears

This Truly Garden pair of pruning shears is truly a razor-sharp item that is perfect for cutting wood of up to ¾ inches thickness. In addition, the pruning shears are made from top quality steel and they are coated with titanium.

Other features that make this one of the best pruning shears are:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Sheath made from genuine leather offers additional safety when not in use
  • 100-percent satisfaction guarantee and five-year warranty
  • Useful for cutting flowers and wood – also doubles up as pair of wood cutting scissors and garden trimmer