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The Best Barn Door Hardware Kits

While barn doors are rooted in tradition, they are now one of the most desirable home improvements available. They have an upscale look, are versatile, don’t take up space, and add character to a room. DIY barn door hardware kits are available online and are designed for easy installation, regardless of your handiness level.

Here is a list of the easiest-to-install and most popular barn door hardware kits available online today…

Be careful and check with one big thing first: is the the door included or not? This will make a huge difference in the upfront price and delivery feels. You can always buy the kit online and get a door locally, but to ensure the easiest installation, you’ll want to order the door alongside the kit.

U-MAX 6.6 FT Sliding Barn Door Sliding Track Hardware Kit

This is a simple, cheap system that is popular for people looking for a great deal on barn door hardware. It has a door weight capacity of 200 pounds and will fit doors of up to 3 feet (36 inches) wide and either 1 3/8″ or 1 3/4″ thick.

The kit includes:

  • 6.6ft(2×3.3ft) Rail
  • 5 Rail Spacer
  • 2 Rollers,
  • 2 Door Stops,
  • 2 End Caps
  • Floor Guide

The door is not included with this kit, but it makes up for it with a sub-$50 price tag.

UrbanBarn Door HardwareKit

The urban barn door hardware kit is perfect for any home that requires a barn door installation to make a big room look bigger, or a small room look more spacious. The kit is suitable for 1-3/8” and 1-3/4” thick doors and can accommodate a single door that weighs up to 200 lbs.

The barn door hardware kit is available in a black powder-coat finish that lends a classic and elegant look to the barn door. Easy-to-follow installation instructions come along with the kit.

The kit includes:

  • Wall spacers
  • Hangers (1 pair)
  • Adjustable track stops (1 Pair)
  • Anti-jump blocks (1 pair)
  • A concealed bottom guide
  • Nylon wheels for smoothness
  • A pre-drilled track (1-1/2” x ¼”)


402 Standard Flat Track Hardware Kit

The 402 Standard Flat Track Hardware kit is perfect for both interiors and exteriors. It features a unique all-metal system made of ¼” steel that can accommodate doors that weigh up to 400 lbs and up to 1-3/4” thick. It is best suited to close-off large spaces and to add spatial separation. The wheels have concealed ball bearings that offer lifetime lubrication. The kit is available in black, raw steel, brushed steel, clear coat steel, painted bronze, and a variety of other colors. It is available in 5’, 6’, 7’, and 8’ track lengths.

The kit includes:

  • Standard wall spacers
  • Track stops (1 pair)
  • Anti-jump blocks (1 pair)
  • 402 hangers (1 pair)
  • A predrilled track (1/4” thick)
  • A concealed bottom guide
  • Wheels with concealed ball bearings

Vintage Loop Strap Flat Track Hardware Kit

This hardware kit is designed to give your barn door a very minimalistic and vintage rustic look. Made of solid steel construction, this hardware kit also comes with spoked wheel rollers that lend to the overall rustic look of the structure when it is set up. It is available in black, raw steel, and bronze, and the rollers are available in mirror black, stainless steel, and chrome. It can accommodate doors weighing up to 400 lbs and needs 8-1/2 inches clearance above the top of the door. Installation instructions are part of the package.

The kit includes:

  • Wall spacers
  • Hangers (1 pair)
  • Track stops (1 pair)
  • Bottom guide
  • Track

Classic Barn Door Hardware Kit

The Classic Barn Door Hardware kit is ‘art on simplicity.’ The steel straps are attached to the face of the door, while the top hangers wrap over the wheels that glide on a steel rail. This kit is perfect for a traditional-style door.

The kit includes:

  • Steel rail
  • Hangers with wheels (2 for each door)
  • Hex bolts, nuts, and lag bolts
  • Anti-jump plate
  • T-guide
  • Spacer guide (2-1/2”)

Now, with these ready-made barn door hardware kits, you can easily install your barn door with no outside (read: expensive) help. Whether you are a homeowner or a do-it-yourself buff, this is another doable project to add to your list.