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Daily Harvest Review: Healthy Smoothies Delivered

Ever get sort of obsessed with a food? As in, you want it for every meal? I get like that with smoothies, particularly in the morning and after the gym. What could be better than a cool, refreshing smoothie that’s packed with greens, berries, and possibly some protein? Oh yeah: Not chopping fruit for an hour could be better. Enter Daily Harvest.

I’m not the biggest fan of ordering in food in any capacity, but I gave Daily Harvest a try and I’m glad I did. Here’s why…

Introduction to Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a frozen food delivery service that specialized in smoothies, but also sells bowls, snacks, soups, breakfast options, and spiced “lattes.” The two themes that run through all the site’s offerings are 1) healthy and 2) frozen. There is a minor theme of “semi-prepared” as well which is worth understanding.

Basically Daily Harvest ships you clean food (no sugar, no chemicals, whole ingredients) that is chopped, frozen, and ready to prepare. They are not ready to eat though. The smooth, which is covered in the video above, arrives in a cup full of frozen ingredients to which you need to add your choice of liquid and then blend yourself.

Daily Harvest Ingredient Bingo Card

Daily Harvest very ingredient-focused. It appears that their entire reason for existing is to get nutritious, nearly-ready-to-eat products to your doorstep in an easy, regular manner.

This review will focus on my preference — Daily Harvest smoothies! — but most of this will hold true for whatever you buy.

Ordering and Delivery

I found this process to be extremely easy. is simple and easy to navigate. You order what you want and you can have everything at your doorstep in just a few days. The biggest hurdle will be if Daily Harvest actually will ship to you! If you are in or around a major US city you should be covered through.

Like most services, you order on a plan. These can be weekly or monthly, with a varied number of servings a month, ranging between roughly three smoothies a day to 1 smoothie most days.

Shipping is bundled so you will get a good-sized box that is full of your food as well as a big block of dry ice. You’ll want to get the dry ice out of any contained spaced and away from kids as soon as possible but all the food has always arrived fully frozen and in great condition. I’m not sure exactly when it’s been delivered either (I’ve been out of the house) but the smoothies (bowls, etc.) have always been completely frozen and in great condition by the time I get home and unpack them.


Daily Harvest uses an impressive selection of ingredients, most of which are organic. They are not all organic and they aren’t all fancy or things you couldn’t acquire yourself. On the whole I’ve been quite happy with what I’ve found, and I’ve taken my time to look through more than a few of the shakes and to inspect what I’m paying about $8 for!

Daily Harvest Coupons

While services Daily Harvest tend to have coupon codes floating around the web, I’ve yet to find anything.

Is Daily Harvest Healthy?

Now, “healthy” is always going to depend on you and your lifestyle, but my take on this is “Yes, Daily Harvest is a healthy food option.”


Some of my favorite flavors are:

  • Cold Brew + Cacao
  • Mint + Chocolate
  • Black Sesame + Banana
  • Blueberry + Hemp

Other flavors…

  • Strawberry + Peach
  • Acai + Cherry
  • Chocolate + Blueberry
  • Cacao + Avocado
  • Pineapple + Matcha
  • Vanilla Bean + Cacao
  • Carrot + Chia


I’m a few months into Daily Harvest and I have to say that I’m a fan.

To be completely honest, there are downsides. First of all, it’s not cheap. Expect to spend about $50 a week, give or take. You can easily skip weeks, but you have to remember to maintain the account. Second of all, the food takes up a lot of freezer space. Freezer room is at a premium in my household, and putting in 8 paper caps is often a challenge.

That said, the shakes taste really good (at least to me), they fit my nutrition needs, and they make the mornings in my household a little bit less crazy. I don’t think I’ll do the shakes forever, just because they aren’t cheap and I’d like to be able to utilize local, fresh fruit.

While the shakes are my favorite, the other products are quite good as well. The lattes are a fun change of pace, but not something I do very often (they are sold in 3 packs, to they last), and the bowls are small but tasty.