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Where to Buy Kettlebells Online Right Now

Of all the things to sell out during coronavirus (covid-19) one of the hardest things to find has been workout equipment. Since most people are stuck in their normal-sized home and apartments and constrained by their budgets, a full gym setup isn’t possible. The most efficient home gym solution, pound-for-pound, is the kettlebell.

Unfortunately kettlebells are nearly impossible to find online right now.

What Is A Kettlebell?

Just to be completely clear, a kettlebell is essentially a cannonball with a loop on the top that forms a handle. They are use for dynamic exercises and there are many full-body workout regimens that require nothing more than a single kettlebell. You can use different weights, but many people get by with just one.

What To Look For In A Kettlebell?

Kettlebell buying isn’t quite as simple as finding the weight you want and buying the first one you see. It doesn’t have to be too much more complex than that, but it can be worth a least reading the specifications of a bell before buying it. The main qualities you are looking at are…

  1. Weight of the kettlebell (in pounds or kilograms)
  2. Price (usually per pound)
  3. Shipping price
  4. Handle type (competition or standard)
  5. Handle diameter
  6. Material (usually iron or steel)
  7. Does it use fillers? (fillers add weight to the bell with cheap concrete, not expensive metal)
  8. Distance from handle to bell
  9. Is it painted or coated in any way?
  10. Col0r-coordinated so it’s easy to determine weight
  11. Warranty
  12. Where is made?

Where To Buy Kettlebells Online

Hopefully this list will be changing frequently, with kettlebell availability on the rise, so we’ll update the list as often as possible. Please email if you see any errors!

Amazon is a perfectly fine place to buy a kettlebell, but they were the first place to sell out. And not only did Amazon sell out of kettlebells, but they have been out of stock in all the nicer models and popular weights since early March. Their most popular was Amazon’s own AmazonBasics kettlebell in an enamel finish, but it’s not been restocked in weeks. Most of what is available on Amazon right now is sadly not worth buying.

Stock: Almost entirely sold out. With some hunting you can find lighter weights (like this 20-lb Weider) but expect long lead times and no Prime shipping.

Kettlebell Kings

The Kettlebell Kings kettlebells are largely recognized to be in the best three (or so) brands in the business. They have a great selection of top-quality bells and a name that let’s you know they take their product seriously.

KbK has the following types:

  • Powder Coat (sold in kilogram or pound)
  • Competition (33mm or 35mm handle) – Competition (D-shaped) handle with weight-specific color powder-coat finish
  • Fitness Edition
  • Cerakote
  • Adjustable

Shopping from Kettlebell Kings is a pleasure thanks to free shipping in the continental US, free returns, same-day shipping, and a lifetime guarantee on their bells. If you read reviews around the web you’ll see this is a favorite brand among enthusiasts and most people have no problem with the premium price these kettlebells command.

Status: Almost all KbK bells are sold out for now. They have no restock date listed, but they do have a notification button so you can sign up and get an alert when they are restocked.

Rogue Fitness Kettlebells

Rogue is known not only for their excellent Crossfit workout equipment, but in particular for their expertise in home gym setups. Rogue equipment is, generally speaking, on the expensive side, but of excellent quality. While Rogue kettlebells are not usually considered to be best-in-class they are very good and something no one will regret buying.

Rogue sells the following kettlebells:

  • Standard – Iron, black powder-coated finish with color-coordinated bands on the handle
  • Monster – The same as standard, but 97 pounds and up
  • Competition – Solid cast-iron, with all bells the same size. Black powder-coated with color-coordinated bands
  • Ader Pro Grade Kettlebells – Steel kettlebells with a competition design, Rogue distributes but does not make them

Status: All Rogue standard kettlebells are currently sold out, except the models over 100 pounds (which are too large for most people).

Kettlebells USA

Another popular kettlebell pure-player is This company has acclaimed bells that come in both training and competition varieties. They are know for their quality KBs, but also their free shipping (regardless of weight)! The company is based in New Jersey, so East Coast shipping times should be great!

While their kettlebells aren’t cheap, you get a great looking bell with made of quality materials and a weight-specific color-coordinated finish. Their competition KBs have two handle diameters depending on your preference.

Their competition model, the Paradigm Pro Elite kettlebells are a handsome, thoughtfully designed kettlebell with a nice finish and smart design choices.

Status: Sold out, but restocking in late May or early June. You can backorder now and put your bell on hold.

Vulcan Strength

Vulcan is a popular choice with kettlebell enthusiasts and home workout fans alike. They are known for their high-end steel bells which are nicely finished and competition grade. When arguing which kettlebell is the best of the best, there is much debate over Vulcan worth Kettlebell Kings.

Status: Vulcan is entirely sold out and has closed down their website right now.


You’ve almost certainly seen some of Eleiko’s plates or kettlebells in your gym travels but you might not have considered them in your kettlebell hunt. They have some very nice bells, including an unconventional-looking training model and a competition model.

Status: Eleiko is sold out of all their bells until at least July 2020.

Big Box Stores

Most big box stores that have inventories stock kettlebells in their online stores, but very few are good places to get kettlebells because they don’t have lots of sizes and their quality is questionable. Given the kettlebell shortage right now they would seem to be a good place to turn, but they are mostly cleaned out.

  • Walmart – A large selection of low- to OK-quality kettlebells, almost all of which are sold out right now. Some lighter sizes are available
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods – Almost all their kettlebells are sold in-store only

Kettlebell FAQs

What size kettlebell should I start with?

The typical sizes for first-time kettlebell buyers are 16 kilograms (about 35 pounds) for men and 12 kilograms (26 pounds) for women. That’s a very rough guide though as fitness levels, size, coordination, and personal training goals can vary widely and will go a long way in dictating which kettlebell is best for you.