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3 Best Dremel Tools on the Market

No handyman, building super, Handy Andy, or weekend warrior would consider their toolkit complete without a rotary tool — commonly known as a Dremel — by their side. These are flexible and versatile tools that are specifically meant for use in smaller tasks but, frankly, get used all the time. Without these, it gets more difficult to guarantee precision in work. A good rotary tools assists with cutting, sanding, polishing, and grinding of almost any surface, from working with metal to hyper accurate art tasks with train models and other small projects.

There are various rotary tools on the market, but these three stand out for their superior quality, technical proficiency and comfort during use.

While the terms “rotary tool” and “Dremel” are not truly interchangeable we will use them as such. Most people call all rotary tools a “Dremel” while Dremel is in fact a brand. In the same say you’d call a tissue a “Kleenex” or a plastic flying disc a “Frisbee”. This isn’t really important for your purchase decision, but it’s an interesting fact!

Dremel 4300 Rotary Tool Kit

The Dremel 4300 kit is the first dremel of its kind: it comes with a three-jaw chuck. This triple-jaw chuck helps in making accessory changes that give this rotary tool an advantage over its competitors in the market. The three jaw chuck also accepts every accessory shank size. Users don’t need to rely on a wrench to make their accessory changes, and the speed of these changes have also been improved.

The Dremel 4300 comes with a pivot light that ensures a clear line of illuminated sight on every project. It also has a superior motor that comes with an electronic feedback circuitry as well as in-built variable speed. It also features an airflow system that creates high functionality. Finally, it’s ergonomic design as well as comfortable grip reduces fatigue and promotes ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Three Jaw Chuck
  • Nine attachments
  • 64 accessories!
  • Comfort grip

Dremel 8220 Cordless Rotary Tool

The Dremel 8220 features an improved motor and a surprisingly awesome feature: a cordless design. No, not every Dremel is cordless! Despite the battery-based design every existing Dremel accessory is compatible with this Dremel tool. This ensures that this tool can perform a wide array of actions and can be used for various functions involving other Dremel accessories.

The tool comes with a smooth,ergonomic design as well as a comfort grip that reduces fatigue among users. The Dremel 8220 is powered by a 12Vv lithium-ion battery. It also has a better runtime than by at least 33% compared to the Dremel 8200 rotary tool (the previous model in the series).

Dremel 8220 Cordless is sold in two different kits so watch before you click that “buy” button. The normal kit has 28 accessories with one battery and one charger. The upgraded kit adds a second attachment, a second battery. Both are sold with a 2-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all Dremel accessories
  • Powered by 12VMAX lithium ion battery
  • Ergonomic design with comfort grip

Dremel 8220 vs the Dremel 8200

Just a brief aside since you are in the market. As mentioned above one big difference is the extended operating battery life of the 8220. This means about one-third more life when doing a common but relatively intensive task, like cutting nails/screws. The 8220 first went on sale in September 2012 while the 8200 launched in April 2010. The 8220 has a newer motor design that offers more power and greater efficiency when operating.

Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool Kit

The Dremel 3000 packs its own EZ twist nose cap. This nose cap functions as an integrated wrench, meaning that users no longer have to reach for a separate wrench when they want to tighten their accessories. The Dremel 3000 also has a better fan design compared to earlier models. This improved fan design alongside the addition of side vents provides better performance for longer periods of time.

Users can use the Dremel 3000 Rotary Tool much longer than they could with previous models and at little to no risk of overheating. It also has a symmetrical exterior design that was visualized to provide a better and more comfortable grip to users. When combines with the various accessories that the Dremel 3000 is compatible with, it can become a powerful tool used in cutting, polishing, grinding and various other applications.

Key Features:

  • EZ Twist Nose Cap acts as an in-built wrench
  • Improved fan design for better endurance
  • Symmetrical design with comfort grip