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Best Ash Bucket For Your Fireplace or Grill

An ash bucket might not seem like something you actually need, but think again. An ash bucket is a tool with a very specific purpose, and a tool that is very good at its job, so you should at least consider one if you are dealing with ash with any regularity.

Whether you are searching for an ash bucket or an ash pail, these are good options for a place to but used ashes after your charcoal grill or wood fireplace is done with its job and needs a cleaning.

What Do I Want In An Ash Bucket?

So you know you need a place to store and transport ash but not sure exactly what? Will any bucket do? The simple answer is no. Think about ashes: they are dusty, they might be hot, they might be flammable.

This is why a good ash bucket will have a lid and it will be made of metal. It will also have a long, strong handle so that its easy to carry. Most ash buckets are either painted black with heat-resistant paint or left as raw, galvanized steel. We prefer the latter, but the look is not a great match for most homes.

One important feature of an ash bucket is a raised bottom. In the case that you put any hot ash in the bucket, you don’t want it to transfer heat to the floor under the bucket. This could be enough heat to damage your flooring. Even if it doesn’t ignite, it could burn wood floor or scorch the material. So a raised bottom that gives you an inch, or so, or gap between the bottom of the interior of the bucket and the bottom of the ring that acts acts as the bucket’s base is important.

What Can An Ash Bucket Carry?

Ash buckets are not meant to be filled with live embers, wood or charcoal! They are usually made of a conductive material that is heat-resistant but that transfers heat quite well.

So do not use your ash bucket to transport hot charcoal, pellets, burning logs, or anything flaming. This could result in fires, burns, or other serious injuries and/or damage.

What Is a Coal Hod? What Is a Coal Scuttle?

Back when people actively used coal specialized tools were used for transporting coal, keeping the dust (which is flammable) contained and preventing mess. A coal hod — now used mainly for charcoal — is like a bucket but it is designed so that coal is easy to pour out. It tends to have an open top and a spout. This is the tool used for getting coal from the main supply, which was outside, to the fire inside.

Coal hods might look like a good fit for an ash bucket, but it’s not what you are looking for based on the above features we’re in search of.


Panacea Ash Bucket with Shovel

The Panacea model 15343 Ash Bucket comes with a shovel and is what most people are looking for from an ash bucket. It’s a metal container, with a lid, a long sturdy handle, and it has an included shovel. This is a good-sized bucket with a low-key styling that will be a good fit for any home, garage, or patio.

  • Bucket dimensions: 12.5″ in diameter by 13″ tall
  • Shovel dimensions: 14″ L by 4.5″ W

Best of Barbecue Galvanized Charcoal and Ash Can

This galvanized ash bucket won’t win any points for style but its affordable and will get the job done nicely. Galvanized steel means it’s rust-proof and the uncoated surface means there is no paint to flake or chip. This bucket can hold up to 15 pounds of charcoal, which is more than enough for about 2-3 serious grilling sessions or one extended low-and-slow cook.

  •  Bucket dimensions: 11″ in diameter by 13.7″ tall
  • No shovel included

So, that’s all there is to it. Now you know what you need about purchasing your next ash bucket. But you can still call it an ash pail if you want!

Image Credits: Mike Kotsch on Unsplash