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How To Deep Clean A Weber Charcoal Grill

Weber kettles grills get incredibly dirty after a season of cleaning. The mix of smoke, and grease, and char is more or less the dirtiest thing I can think of, and cleaning the grill has got to be one of the most tedious of all outdoor tasks. That said, the Weber charcoal grill is a wonderful tool and it deserves a deep clean every season. Here’s how I clean my Weber.

All this cleaning will happen without any grill cleaner, oven cleaner, or any harsh chemicals. That’s just how I like to work.

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Best Tools For Cleaning Your Grill

Nothing gets dirty like a grill. All that heat and meat, and charcoal combines into a powerful brew of sticky black smudge that gets on everything and is hard to get off everything else! Here are some tools that will help you keep your grill just a clean as it needs to be without losing the flavor or performance you want.

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