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Looking For A Great Salad Spinner with A Steel Bowl? Here’s The One to Buy

If you are in the market for a salad spinner, then you know they aren’t cheap. So you might as well get one that’s built to last. To us, that means more metal and less plastic, which is also our preference in almost all purchases these days. We recently found a salad spinner that we’ve been loving: the OXO Stainless Steel Salad Spinner. We used the plastic Good Grips one for over 5 years, but recently upgraded… and wish we’d done it sooner!

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Why The Stainless Steel OXO Is Our Top Salad Spinner

The OXO Stainless Steel Salad Spinner (OXOSSSS) has a lot to love about it. It’s sturdy, it’s large enough for a family’s worth of salad, it comes from a name we (mostly) trust, and it has a simple, clean design. Also, it covers all our critical bases: the use of BPA-free plastic, food grade stainless steel, and dishwasher-safe components (everything except for the spinner mechanism). It’s also that first salad spinner we’ve ever seen that looks good enough to sit on the counter when its not in user… at least now and then.

Two things we really like about it that you might not have considered are:

First, if you dress your salads in the salad bowl then stainless steel makes a lot of sense. It’s food-grade, doesn’t stain, and doesn’t hold on to oils or flavors. Plus mixing oils into plastic always bothered us a bit.

Second, it’s a heavy duty stainless steel bowl, complete with a rubber non-skid foot on it. So it’s not only great for mixing salads and staying put while spinning the salad, it’ll also be an excellent mixing bowl long after the salad spinner itself breaks (if and when that happens).

What We Don’t Like About It

While the OXO SS SS has many good qualities, there are some downsides as well. What don’t we like about it? Here’s the list, in order of “really bothersome” to “could be improved upon”:

  • It’s expensive. Expect to spend about $50.
  • It’s large and doesn’t collapse, like some newer spinner designs
  • The colander is plastic, instead of steel
  • It’s a bit loud
  • The brake doesn’t work well

Past the price nothing is too bad here. It’s another nice piece of kitchen hardware from OXO.